Thursday, November 26, 2009

Work Randomness - 1998

Written when I was working at Showcase Maumee

First there's Sparky, also known as McQueen
He's quite a hottie and one of the nicest I've seen
Then there is Scooby, this is Mr. Lewis
He's definitely wacky, but he's not Jewish
We now come to G, can you guess who this is?
He's the nice big guy, but not who I want to kiss
And then we've got Coolio, his real name is Eric Moore
Who wants a piece of that? You can forever scream "more"
Finally we've got Chuckie, the big LoL Mr. Pachin
He's always laughing at someone, I wonder who he's chasin'
There are more managers but I am lost on nicknames
Someone help me out here, I want to play some games

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