Sunday, November 22, 2009

In the Past

I used to write poetry all the time... which is the main reason I started this blog. I just couldn't get the words to flow anymore so I quit. Oh look at that... something else I quit. (Not sure what I am talking about? Take a look at my other blog, Such Is My Life.)

Anyway, I created this blog so that I could come here and post all my old poetry with hopes of reopening that part of my brain that could write like the wind. I swear, anytime of day I could pull out a pen and paper and write. It could've been about heartache, my kids, my friends, the boys playing in the street... it didn't matter. I could write about it.

Not so much anymore, but that's ok. I still have a lot of amateur poetry that I can share with the world. Stuff I wrote from age 12 to age 28 (that is if I actually wrote anything this year haha). And right now, I am ok with that. I do not have expectations for being able to write like that again, but if I do. It would be nice.

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