Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Teddy Bear - 1995

Oh, Teddy Bear, dear Teddy
Though you've been gone these many years
I recall with deep affection
How you blew into my ears
I can hardly keep from frowning
As my heart beats really fast
When I think about that afternoon
Your love for me had passed

Teddy Bear, you didn't whimper
And of course you didn't pout
When you to reached to give me that note
I knew then you had no doubt
And you didn't even mumble
Or emit the faintest cries
You didn't even have despair
As the tears filled up my eyes

Yes, you sat across their calmly
And you didn't once protest
When you ripped apart my heart
You knew I was depressed
And yet you didn't even notice
When your eyes in which I stare
It's been ages since you loved me
How I miss you, Teddy Bear

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