Tuesday, September 8, 2009


*I was sitting in my new dr's office a few weeks ago when I wrote this

The air conditioning is blowing yet the temperature outside is chilly
The tv is off making the a/c all that much louder
Click, clack typing from behind the window
The occasional shifting of a waiting patient
Nonchalant conversations of employees with nothing to do
We just wait
45 minutes past my appointment time and 1 am running out of words to occupy me
The doors open and close but no one is called back
Wondering if picking a doctor based on his name alone was a wise choice
So far - not impressed
I don't think I ever waited this long in the Army clinic
The plastic bag louder than the a/c
4 people still waiting
No chance of errands without kids
No idea if I will get home before he has to leave again
I hate waiting...

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